Way of Live

Allah does not look at your lineage, your body, or your wealth. He looks at your hearts (Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim)

Tell not a dream that has caused grief in you (Narrated by Baihaqi)

The most generous is he who attains knowledge and then conveys it to people (Narrated by Muslim)

Among Muslims the perfect faith is of the one who is best in conduct (Narrated by Tirmizi)

Modesty is an integral part of faith (Narrated by Qurtabi)

Think well of Allah. You will find Him as you think of Him (Narrated by Maarafil Qur’an)

Modesty can only bring goodness (narrated by Mishkat)

True wealth is in the heart (narrated by Bukhari)

The most respectable among people is the one who is best in character (Narrated by Bukhari)


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