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Shall I tell you a better work than fasting, prayer, and charity? It is to improve your mutual relations (narrated by Tirmizi)

One who greets others first if free of arrogance narrated  by baihaqi)

When three person get together, two of them should not indulge in whispering (narrated by Muslim, Abu Daud)

Do not ask anyone to return your gift (Narrated by Tirmizi)

In your mutual relations:

a)      Refrain from bad assumption of others

b)      Do not spy onto each other

c)       Do not vie to outdo each other in wealth or power

d)      Do not be jealous of one another

e)      Keep your hearths clean of malice

f)       Turn not your faces away from one another

(Narrated by Baihaqi)

Let me tell you the best deeds in Islam. Feed the needy and greet people even though you may not know them (Narrated by Maarifil Qur’an)

Remember five special blessings:

  1. Youth before senility
  2. Health before illness
  3. Prosperity before poverty
  4. Leisure before business
  5. Life before death

(Narrated by Tabarani)

One who forgives people is raised by Allah in honor (Narrated by Nisai)

Exchange gifts. It helps establish affection between you (Narrated by Ibnu Majah, Nisai)

Do not hit anyone on the face (Narrated by Zadul Maad)

Kindness in speech is a form of charity (Narrated by Kanzul Ammal)

A believer is a mirror to another. If he sees any fault he informs him (Narrated by Abu Daud, Tirmizi)

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